Week 12

We continued with the edit of the last weeks video plus we needed to go the Dingle to chat with our bosses as this was our last week. We received a warm reaction and were asked to consider doing more work for Scrogall, we all agreed that it would be great to do a video here and there but as it’s unpaid we couldn’t keep up with the volume we had been outputting.

While in Dingle we filmed more shots for the intro, in the water plant in Dingle. We also film at a stream in Tralee. These shots along with the shot in my kitchen, from the precious week, made up the intro.

The girls got back to editing and only needed my assistance on rare occasions. I didn’t want to stand over their shoulder and make them nervous or self concious while they were doing it so I stood back and gave them some room.

To finish off the video we chose so royalty free music from the incompetech website
Their final edit was a lot longer than I would have made it but I didn’t want to change anything as this was really their project. I just tidied up the edits and did the colour correction.

We uploaded the video and it was posted on the official girl against fluoride facebook page.

Later we were told that a picture needed to be changed on the Dingle Film Festival video. We couldn’t find an alternative so I edited out the section where it was necessary, exported it and re-uploaded it to the Scrogall Youtube page.

All in all I enjoyed my work placement but would have liked more structure around our videos, we were basically left to our own devices but I suppose that had its benefits too.


water timeline


Week 11

We started the edit for the The Girl Against Fluoride video. Again the girls wanted to edit this on their own, to get the practice. I was happy enough to let them as I had very little interest in making her sound good.

We needed some more shots for the intro so I shot those as the girls edited. We needed some basic water shots, so I ran the tap for a while, got our actor (Amy) to fill a glass with it. I then shot a medium and close of Amy drinking the water. It was an easy shoot but I needed to be concious of what it was going to be cut with ie we would be also using some river shots, these would be outdoors and with the current weather, probably not too bright. My apartment has a strange habit of seeming a lot more orange on video than it actually is. White balance was very important for this shoot. Everything went as planned so I transcoded the footage.

We tried again to contact some people who work for the council, in the water section, for dingle but we still came up empty. We tried contacting Luke “Ming” Flanagan because in our research found he was one of her supporters and we thought even a phone or Skype interview would do. We could not find and contact info on him so we Tweeted him asking for some contact info. Unfortunately he never Tweeted back so eventually we gave up. By the end of the week we gave up on finding any other contributes because we would not be able to finish the project before the end of our placement.

This week was also the week that Imeall was showing their “Dingle Film Festival” episode. I didn’t watch it live but watched it later on the TG4 site. I was delight to see that they used 2 of the shots that I sent them. A thank you was given to Scrogall, Craic Reel and I was mentioned by name.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 16.47.43

Week 10

This week we interviewed Aisling FitzGibbon a.k.a, “The Girl Against Fluoride”. Sarah Flynn arranged the interview in Ashling’s house, we got a little lost looking for the place but thankfully she had been told the wrong time and so was not waiting for us. This meant we had some extra time to set up.
I shot the close angle on Aisling and Murt filed the 2 shot. Therese did the interview, Sarah Flynn was on sound and Sarah Lee jotted down the main points so we could get cutaways later. After the interview I took some cutaway shots of points of interest in the house, such as the Hotpress Magazine she mentioned in the interview.
I was a little disappointed in Therese’s interview style as she did not challenge Aisling on any of her points. All the questions and answers can already be found on The Girl Against Fluoride web page.
The girls still had some editing to do on the Film Festival video, as I had done so much editing at the start of placement; the girls wanted a chance to have a go on their own. I left them at it until they finished. Myself and Therese then tidied up some of the edits and fixed the audio where necessary. There was also more fluff that needed removal, a few stumbles that were easy to cut out and some unnecessary info taking up too much time. We did what was needed and exported the video.
We were told that we were uploading a little too much stuff, so much that once we left Scrogall they would be left with a lot less frequent uploads so we held off on uploading for the time being.


dingle timeline

Week 9

We started this week with a continuation of last week, The Dingle Film Festival.
The festival started on the weekend so we travelled to Dingle and found the cinema that was screening the opening documentary.

The space was small and TG4 had a camera crew there already so we couldn’t get much footage from the lobby. We had a moved inside to the screen and saw TG4 had a DSLR set up for a time-lapse. I decided to set up near their camera to do the same. I didn’t know how long I would be leaving it so instead of taking photos I set it up to record video. Knowing the limit on my SD card I thought it would be a good idea to swap my card for Murts larger (32G) one.As it turns out it was not a good idea because I forgot that the firmware installed on my SD card allows me to record almost continuously for the entire card. As I swapped cards I only recorded 4G worth of video, which is not much in 1080p and even less when you speed it up for a time-lapse.

When the room filled up, we moved to the unused balcony to record the proceedings. As my camera was in use Murt recorded to opening speeches and closing Q&A. Once it finished I rushed outside to catch people leaving.

Once we started the editing, the 2 Sarahs wanted to do the edit as myself and Therese edited the earlier video alone. That was fine, I kept an eye on what they were doing but I tried not to be a bother.

We received a call from Scrogall telling us that TG4 were looking for footage of Dingle for cutaways. I was given the email for a producer of “Imeall” and we decided on the best way to transfer my footage. I got it all sent off late that night, the next day they asked for some specific shots, luckily I has the shots and sent them off too. They said they would give us credit if they use any of the footage.

Week 8

This week was the start of the Dingle Film Festival and we were given the task of making a video covering it. We decided to concentrate on the “Made in Dingle” section as it is most relevant to the audience of Scrogall TV.

Murt got us a an interview with the Founder/CEO/Artistic Director of the festival, Maurice Galway. The girls tried to contact 2 other people with films in the Dingle section but only 1 was interested in doing an interview. Luckily Murt had his short, “Skint”, being shown so we talked him into an interview too.

We conducted the interview in a hotel in Dingle. The interviews went well bar 1 mishap at the beginning, due to a lack of communication between myself and Murt we both accidental shot wide angles. Once we realised our mistake, (after the first interview), I stayed on the wide and Murt shot close on the subject. After the interviews we finished for the day…. Or so we thought.

We got back to the apartment to transcoded my footage and were watching it back when we received a text from Murt telling us that Maurice asking if we could make a quick video of his interview for the Film Festivals Facebook page. We quickly realised this was a good opportunity to show our skills to a larger audience than usual.

It was just myself and Therese available at the time, (it was in the evening), so we edited it together. I took control of the computer as I would be the quickest and this was a rush job. Naturally this was the interview that we messed up the camera angles so we only had 1 to work with. We used Murts H4 for the audio so we needed to get it off him ASAP so we could sync it. We went ahead and edited in a manner that made it easy to sync the audio after. We used a file transfer site to get the audio and it was easy to finish once we had it.

We got the video finished and sent to the page. It was posted by the dingle film festival the following day.

Week 7

At the start of this week we were to shoot on the Saturday and Sunday for the Páidí Ó Sé Football Tournament, unfortunately I was incapacitated by the flu and could not attend the shoot.
The footage was brought back to me and I transcoded it and began work, with Therese. It was a bit strange editing footage that I had no part in shooting. Murt and Sarah were the camera operators for this project. Murts footage was fine but Sarah did not use a tripod for the shoot and most of the footage was too shaky to use. This left me in a bad situation because Sarah’s footage was mostly cutaways and Murt didn’t have many.
I started by picking out the most interesting football shots. Then I synced the interviews and placed them in the timeline. The first interview started off with the interviewee’s phone ringing (his ring-tone was a song played on a Theremin so it was bizarre to hear it unexpectedly). I had to cut his introduction because of the interuption but the first question mentioned he was Páidí’s brother so we got away with it. The H4 was very visible at the start and it shoots off screen, being very noticeable. I used key-frames and digital zoom to remove it.
The second interview was framed with Sarah in the shot holding the H4. It then zoomed in and out a few times during the interview. As we were short on cutaways this was a problem, we decided to take some images of Páidí from the internet.
The final interview startes with Sarah once again standing in the frame but she moves away soon after the interview starts. To hide her I found a few seconds where where was no movement, after she moved, I slowed it down so it was long enough to fill the space we needed. I then placed the slowed footage above the footage where sarah is visible. Using an 8 point garbage matte I covered her with the slow footage. I feathered the edges to make it a bit more subtle. There is a flicker after the clip but it’s barley noticeable and I doubt it will be noticed.
We colour corrected, put in lower thirds and found some music.
Once finished I uploaded it to YouTube.

Week 6

We had to do some weekend work this week out in Dingle. There was a walking festival and a traditional Irish music festival on at the same time. We decided to split up into 2 teams. The 2 Sarah’s took the walking festival and the rest of us took the other.
Our first location was a small remote pub (they still had round plug sockets). A group of children were playing there. It was too dark to really get any good shots but we got what we could. We decided to have food after and we happened upon a pub that seemed to hold many of the musicians playing in the festival. As we were split we decided to just use Murts camera, it gains more respect due to it’s traditional TV camera look. Therese was interviewer and I was on sound. It was all a bit on the fly so for most of the takes I clapped at the end. We moved on to the Museum where we set up our 2 cameras and filmed so musicians. I took the wide and Murt the close. Once it all finished we got an interview with 2 harp players from Whales. I was on sound again for those. We found as quiet place but it was a big room so I was worried about reverb. I held the H4 as close as I could without getting in shot.
We left and met up with the Sarahs back in Dingle where I gathered all of the SD cards.
Once home I transcoded all the footage and separated the 2 events onto separate harddrives.
The 2 Sarahs wanted to have control of their footage so I let them work away on my computer. I figured as they were the least experienced I would let them have the bigger screen. Murt and Therese worked on her laptop.
Once the music festival was ready for colour correction I stepped in with Therese. At this stage the Sarahs had finished so we used the large screen. We needed to do a little work on the edit because I am a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing.
Once it was done I uploaded 3 videos to the Scrogall page.